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At Pampered Paws Hotel and Spa, we have created a one of a kind experience in pet grooming and boarding. 


Our mission is to make your loved one feel safe, calm, and loved. 

All grooming include nail clipping, plucking and cleaning of ears, shaving of the paw pads, as well as private area’s (so things flow properly). 


We use only safe non-toxic shampoo and conditioners that will not strip the natural oils from your dogs skin, leaving them clean but maintaining the natural balance of moisture in the skin and coat. 


We scissor all dogs by hand giving them that plush look. 


For the big and little shedding guys we use a hand dryer on all dogs to get all that unwanted hair out at the spa (you will not have to vacuum it off of your floors and sofa). 


We do 2 – 3 hr. in and out appointments so that you’re loved one isn’t stressed, sitting in a crate all day. 


We always maintain a clean and odor free environment.


Rates are based on the size, coat, condition, and behavior of your dog or cat. Please text us at 845-821-2245 for an estimate!  Please include an updated photo and size reference of your dog!

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