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Webcam Instructions

New camera System -

there are two different log in QR codes one for Big side and one for Small side.

Text the shop phone we will send it to you 845-821-2245.

after we send it -you will have to do this for each side if you want both and they have seperate log in credentials.

1. Save it to your camera roll.

2. download the app called "paramont cms"

3. open the app hit the icon in top right corner of screen to open server list

4. press the + icon then press "scan code to add"

5. allow camera access and then hit photo icon in top right corner (looks like a Mountain in a box) then select the QR code from your Camera roll.

6. set peramiters

      - name cameras Big or Small side

      - change admin to bigpaws or smallpaws

      - password for both is 1234

      - hit save and allow access you're all set

If you cant see your pet they are either being walked or are watching TV with the staff (staff room doesn’t have a camera) on the big blue couch, or in the grooming area having fun- you're on vacation you should be too!!!

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