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Our State of the art Hotel Will Make you want to check – in and send your husband or wife and kids on vacation. 


Dogs are walked and exercised at least four times a day. This will allow your dog to not have to poop and pee where they sleep/play, therefore not confusing or frustrating them. This is how we provide a clean and odor free facility.  


Staff will take your best friend on a ¼ mile nature trail hike or for older dogs just hang out on the grass. 


All suites are appointed with lavish tile from Greek marble to Italian porcelain and travertine. We Offer plush bedding, blankets, and cameras to allow you to check – in and say hi to your pet anytime day or night. if available staff will also facetime.


While all rooms have these amenities we encourage you to bring anything you think will make pet feel comfortable and familiar. All items will be placed in your dog’s private suite. We do require you to bring food for your dog and TREATS! 


There is absolutely no chain link or wire fencing, all dogs suites have walls allowing them to feel separated and safe from other dogs at night and while eating.


During the day when they aren’t hiking they can play in our indoor/outdoor playroom, groom area, or sitting with the secretary helping check guests in and out.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated to include parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, distemper and bordetella (kennel cough). Please advise us in writing of any relevant veterinary conditions your dog may have and any medication being taken. 

Please text the shop phone if you would like to make a reservation! 845-821-2245

Nightly Rates


1 Dog - $60 per night

2 Dogs - $110 per night

3 Dogs - $150 per night


Day Care Rate  $30 per dog



We offer drop off/pick up 7 days a week between the hours of 8:30am and 10pm. Please note that pickup after 4pm for our hotel guests will result in a half-day charge.

Watch Your Pet on Our Webcam
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