Effective immediately, the boarding rates are increasing! Bad news is we were forced into renovating because of flooding... Good news is all suites are brand new, state of the art and clean! We have added more rooms to allow more of your family to stay with us! We hope to see you soon!
Photo shoot of the hotel next week! Come back and see what we have upgraded!

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A Vacation for Your Best Friend


Professional Grooming


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Fun Days at Pampered Paws Hotel & Spa



Hi we Thank You and your pet will Thank You for choosing Pampered Paws hotel and Spa. We have created a one of a kind experience in pet grooming and boarding.


Our mission is to make your loved one feel safe, calm, and loved.


We offer Grooming and Boarding services unmatched by any competitors. All our clients know they are loved and cared for. We are a small boutique Grooming and Boarding Facility which allows us to give truly personalized care. You won’t feel like your leaving your loved one at a facility where they are overwhelmed and can’t provide that special one on one care your pet truly deserves. You will enjoy your day or vacation knowing we are taking GREAT care of your loved one.



811 Chestnut Ridge Road

Spring Valley, NY 10977

Tel: 845-425-8277


Grooming services:

Mon - Fri 9am-2 and one Sat a month

Boarding and Daycare: